• Gretel Enck

Brighter than Sunshine

On the upside, today the storm has left us with an uncommon brilliance of full sun on wet snow. And since I'd already requested the time off, thinking I could make it out to Texas, I'm having a long weekend of sequestered writing opportunity. Everyone thinks I'm away.

And so this morning I walked into town to my second-favorite coffee shop, the favorite one in walking distance, for my Cuban style coffee and a nice place to do some character development. Along the way I got to experience the release of snow from warming trees--often as heavy clumps (ow, hey!), often as cascades of magically frosted fairy dust, often together with delightful and comical results.

At my cafe I chose the barstool by the window to best absorb the brilliance of the day. Yes, magically frosted fairy dust, that's right. And it's brighter than sunshine.

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