• Gretel Enck

Audiobook on its Way

The Encyclopaedia of Useless Things is "a layered and emotionally ambitious fantasy," says Kirkus Reviews. My middle grades novel delights with elements of magic and mystery nestled naturally into the everyday life of a small, dusty town. And now the entire novel will be serialized in an audiobook free to everyone. My partner in love and recording Richard Huarte is composing music to complement my readings. We offer it to you as one more way to get through the coronavirus chapter of our lives. First section drops Friday, April 3, 2020. Every Monday and Friday we will post a new section all the way to the beginning of June.

"This is a seriously good book filled with magic, myth and a gifted child’s discovery of her identity and talents...Enck’s tale is beautifully told, and her characters are multifaceted and seem fairly ready to leap off the page as you read." Reader's Favorite Review

Find links to the recordings at www.gretelenck.com/encyclopaedia

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