• Gretel Enck

The Greatest Earth on Show

This past week I made a last-minute but extremely welcome work trip to Utah (Bryce Canyon and Moab) and in the meantime took a trip down memory lane from my summer season there twelve years ago. I was just paused there in the writing of this to find an appropriate adjective for my trip down memory lane. It was good, it was all-consuming, it kind of took my breath away: The jaw-dropping beauty of the place, the unusually moving compliment of a former coworker, the semi-legendary status that I unknowingly hold, the baseline by which to measure how far I've come. It's all circular, this life. So often we are lulled into believing it is linear, and then comes along a week like this.

Scrawled on the early morning drive into Moab after our two days at Bryce Canyon: Sometimes (now) I just want to curl up in a ball on the ground and sob for the lives I can't lead for the lovers who are gone for the dreams that have passed. In relief, in gratitude for the lives I have led for the lovers who have stayed even a short while for the dreams, always present always pushing always nurturing. For the light of a new day, The one true thing.

From Facebook: "Scrambled up slickrock, bluebird sky, more hydrology tutorials, astragalus and a white composite, Miguel's Baja Grill, a near full moon, and a visit with an old friend=24 perfect hours in Moab."

And finally, dateline Bryce Canyon: Jim, my excellent travel partner on passing me on the trail to the rim just after sunrise: "Oh, you missed it," meaning the sunrise. Me, contemplating the Known World: "I didn't miss a thing."

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