• Gretel Enck

Hike #10: Out the Back Door and Up the Hill

I don’t have a hill out my back door…at home. But I do at work. And although I’m back in the office three days a week, and I do take walks around the site, I don’t seem to make time to actually climb up the hill. So that was today’s hike. With one of my favorite harbingers of spring, the claret cup cactus, on glorious display.

Rain overnight left puddles in the potholes. And a relatively early start on a slow Saturday left me the trail all to myself. Sometimes the joy of a hike doesn’t need to be the new, the unexplored, the check-off on a list. Today’s was the comfort of an old shoe.

Top pair: a view of Limpia Creek below with the blush of spring cottonwoods (left) and the reverse view with Fort Davis, the Haystacks, and the Puertacitas; middle pair: a pothole with rain water and budding yucca; lower pair: view from the top.

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