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Patriotic Vagabonding

Updated: Mar 21, 2019

Based on my recent success with Albuquerque arrows, I took another look at the third relatively nearby Texas arrow that heretofore I had believed to be inaccessible. I thought I knew approximately where it was and that it was on private land not near a road. Turns out, now that I know that area a little better, and with significant assistance from Google Earth, I was able to plot a course.

The arrow is very near to Guadalupe Mountains National Park which I have driven past many times but never explored. So today, I did both: found the arrow and hiked to a lovely spring in the park.

Along for the ride was my sidekick Marti, friend and NPS compatriot. It was her first arrow.

Delaware Springs

This field was one of the network of Intermediate Fields which were constructed in the 1930s by the Department of Commerce, for emergency use of commercial aircraft along Airways between major cities. The date of construction of the Delaware Springs Intermediate Field has not been determined. The earliest reference to the field which has been located was in the 1934 Department of Commerce Airfield Directory. It described the Delaware Springs field as having 2 dirt runways in a cross shape, with the longest being the 3,960' northeast/southwest runway.

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