Photo by Lesley Brown Villarreal. 


"Enck tells tales of the human experience from the earthy ground right up to the wilds of space and everything in between. There are eight stories featured in this collection, which are of varying lengths, but all contain the accomplished thematic storytelling of the author and a visceral sense of time and place...looking at the world with a different lens to most, and featuring so many everyday occurrences that are repainted in new colors for us to see them better. For me, this is the true purpose of art, and it gives the confident narration and powerful imagery a true literary quality that makes these stories stick in your mind long after you finish reading them...a wonderful showcase of writing talent which is not to be missed."

K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite

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Love, loss, belonging, searching, making it better, making it worse, walking out into the night to look up at the stars and try not to think about every Goddamned beautiful thing we ever left behind. Set in the high desert grasslands of far west Texas, these stories reference Soviet era space travel, pronghorn reintroduction, flying mountains, memory accordions, and a lot of rabbits.